What is a restaurant battalion?Friday 01, Dec 2017

The hydraulic battalion is a 25 kilowatt motor that drives a hydraulic pump and drives the restaurant through three hydromotors that are connected to the gearbox.

In 2006, this system was set up in Gorgan and Baba Taher Battalion, under the direction of Mr. Taheri.The disadvantages of this device were the high consumption of electricity and after years of lubrication and the creation of an engine room.

In the next amendments, a 5 kW powertrain driven by a three-axle turret, which, in addition to the previous system, consumes less than 15 kW, and after a long period of time, changes were made to the lesser grip of the gearbox, which in the year 86 in the Aria Plus Revolving Restaurant, managed by Mr. Akhavan.

Or in a motorbike restaurant in the middle of a restaurant in the Sky Hotel in Abbas Abad Noor, with the management of Mr. Kamroz Bai Lashki, with a three horsepower engine in year 87.

In 2011, in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan was managed by Mr. Erfan on top of the Fourth Hotel, which is the largest and oldest hotel in the city center of Erbil, where 80% of the work was started with three 2,2 kW engines, but with a sudden death Mr. Erfan stopped working.

In 2012, a lightning revolver in the neighborhood was commissioned by three engine and nine compound feeders with a power consumption of 1.2 KW, managed by Mr. Nezarat.

Now with the design of a new 1,21-watt compound composite compound with a power of 1,100 watts, using UPS and solar tubes, the plant is being set up and is in operation, with no 24-hour power consumption for the restaurant, Solar power uses a torque of 60 tons.

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