The Benefits of Making a Revolving RestaurantFriday 01, Dec 2017

The restaurant can be accompanied by memorable surprises and the introduction of valuable memories for its visitors.If this collection is located in the hall for the wedding venue, so that the bride and groom are in the middle, it is very beautiful and it will be a memorable and memorable memoir.Also, this complex will be unique in the province for conducting the seminar in the province, and the lectures and concerts will be unparalleled in this collection and with a restaurant or coffee shop, it will be the province’s brand suite.

Wheels: The wheels of this anti-wear anti-wear system are designed to be perfectly free of sound and vibration, each wheel having three pairs of different bearings that support all the vibration and extra movements of the restaurant. By installing these wheels, the restaurant is completely silent and motionless so that the water inside the glass does not move at all.

The speed of the restaurant is one revolution per hour, which is adjustable by an inverter. This structure is applicable in old and new buildings and does not require high building strength. Because the structure of this complex can be implemented with a very light structure.

In places where we do not use solar tubes for energy, it is enough to have a single-phase 6-amp 220V power supply.

But by the inverter, the power turns into 3-phase 380 volts and drives the motors and does not have an early start-up power consumption, and with increased customer power consumption will rise, which will eventually reach 6 amps.

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