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    • Abas Abad Aseman Hotel

    • Baba Taher Catering

    • Blue Caspian sport complex

    • Char Chera Hotel

    • Hydrotherapy Isfahan

    • Isfahan Al-ghadir

    • Noor Complex

    • Rude Hen Aria Plus Complex

    • Tal Hill Rotating restaurant

    • Television Teaser

    about us

    Ramesh Sazeh has started to build and design a battalion in Iran and neighboring countries since 2005 and has been consistently using it with science and technology.

    The design and manufacture of living room in Ramsar has been implemented in a small size for 360-degree viewing.

    Designed and run by car companies for 360-degree visibility of customers’ cars is possible, as well as in the gardens of the wedding parties for the wedding room and the age of the dance.

    Exhibition Battalion Platform

    Promotion of products at exhibitions should be eye-catching and perfect, and it’s worth noting that each customer has the most significant impact on the decision to buy a product from the eye.

    So, if your product is 3D-like and rotating, all your properties are shown to the customer, the most durable mental image of the person who awakens the instinct of buying beauty in the person’s soul, and this is the main request of any vendor to sell more. Its products.